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Power of Procurement


You’ve come to realise that the influence of procurement has recently risen in the agency selection. However, you find it difficult to develop corresponding lines of argumentation to skilfully negotiate with this important player.

Together with you, we can develop an approach to attaining the necessary cost transparency, and will also discuss concrete strategies for conducting negotiations with procurement.

To Pitch or not to Pitch!


The number of pitches has risen dramatically over the past few years. It is becoming increasingly important for an agency to take part in the right pitches, while also weeding out those that it makes less sense to participate in.

Together with you, we will discuss what your criteria should be in reaching an appropriate selection. We can also assist you with the concrete question of whether or not you should participate in a pitch.

Target Group Audit and Target Group Detection


You have realised that the target groups you have previously focused on and/or your acquisition mechanisms are not bringing in enough new clients.

In the target group audit, we will evaluate your target groups and acquisition mechanisms within the scope of a workshop. This results in a profile of strengths and weaknesses. In a second step (target group detection), we will explore a range of new markets in which you can not only offer your expertise but also have decisive advantages over the competition.

Our primary goal is to find markets and target groups prospering at above-average rates, even in times of weak economic growth.

Positioning Audit


Like your potential clients, your agency’s positioning may have changed in the recent past, or may need to be adapted to new market conditions. We will act as a sparring partner in discussions about this process. Additionally, we will work out a modified positioning, which not only shows sufficient growth potential but also represents an evolutionary advancement of your previous situation.