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From Pitch to Award

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What do terms such as dialogue communication and equivalent billings really mean? For many, this is the world of advertising specialists – as obscure as it is fascinating. Ralf Nöcker and Heiko Burrack hope to shed light onto the darkness.

To this end, they not only take advan- tage of their longstanding experience as commentators and active participants in industry happenings. They also allow numerous well-known specialists to have their say.

Yet the book is not only directed at career beginners hoping to gain an overview on the industry, professional profiles and fields of activity. From Pitch to Award also enables corporate marketing executives to learn more about the characteristics of their most important suppliers. In general, the book is geared towards anyone interested in the field of advertising and how it is made.

The text is peppered with anecdotes, so that along with sound knowledge, enjoyment never comes up short.