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100106_bur_buch_matching_02Short Description:

How do marketing decision-makers judge the new business of communication agencies?  How do agency target groups evaluate the agency’s way of doing business, of acquiring new clients?  Discover practices having proved effective, read about further improvements to be made.  Which advice do agency managers give to marketers looking for a new service provider?  Where do they see typical errors and how can these be avoided?

New business expert Heiko Burrack interviewed more than 80 key managers in marketing, agency managers and branch experts to find the answers to these central questions necessary for successful cooperation.  Therefore, this book is a practice-oriented acquisition tool for agencies on the one hand and a selection aid for marketing on the other hand.  Well-worn paths, special tips and comprehensible checklists assist in optimising the selection process and maximising cooperation success.  This book is a ‘must have’ for agencies and marketing.