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The advertising prophets and their booming speakers

100106_bur_buch_erfolgreiches_02Short description:

Just ten years ago, the topic of successful advertising was treated as a short story. For agencies, it was enough to maintain an aura of creativity and ingenuity to ensure that life was good. But that’s all in the past now. New trends such as social media and mobile marketing are making the agencies scramble, and customers are critically scrutinizing the fees for agency services. The image of the cool employer with sex appeal has collapsed, and thanks to the market researchers’ test mania, creativity is yielding to mathematical calculation.

But what really characterizes successful advertising today? How is the industry reinventing itself? Heiko Burrack delivers answers to these and other questions in this report. Agency managers, decision-makers from marketing and purchasing departments, market researchers and auditors all speak out about advertising. This results in a concentrate of interesting insights that agencies would never reveal to their clients, and vice-versa. A book that allows a clash of various beliefs about advertising, pointing the way toward new and functional paths.


Niels Alzen (Scholz & Friends), Christof Baron (Mindshare), Andreas Bauer (TÜV Süd), Frank Beinhold (tag:), Christian Daul (Scholz & Volkmer), Florian Dengler (Metadesign), Matthias Dietz (Realgestalt), Thomas Eickhoff (Grabarz & Partner), Dirk Engel (freier Berater), Andreas Geyr (Euro RSCG), Tim Glagla (Glagla Personalberatung), Florian Gmeinwieser (Plan.net), Florian Grimm (Grimm Gallum Holtappels), Heinz Grüne (Rheingold), Markus Hermsen (Fleishman Hillard), Anthony Hilton (Anthony Hilton Consulting), Thomas Holzapfel (Deutsche Telekom), Markus Hüßmann (Convisual), Christian Hupertz (Grey), Dr. Dietmar Kirchner (ehemals Deutsche Lufthansa), Jochen Klein (Hundert Grad Kommunikation), Stefan Knieß (G2 Germany), Martin Krapf (IP Deutschland), Peter Krüger-Herbert (brandtouch), Georg Kühn (DekaBank), Lars Lehne (Google), Joachim Lenz (Fairbrother Lenz Eley), Lothar Leonhard (Ogilvy & Mather), Martin Limbeck (Martin Limbeck Hardselling), Gernot Lingelbach (UGW), Frank-Peter Lortz (ZenithOptimedia), Carl-Philipp Mauve (Ford-Werke), Andreas Mengele (Heimat), Frank Merkel (WOB), Torsten Müller (Carglass), Hans Mumme (TNS Infratest), Dr. Ralf Nöcker (GWA), Matthias Pantke (AdScale), Florian Paul (7seaS), Ronald Paul (QUISMA), Dr. Sven Pfleging (Danone), Dr. Jesko Perrey (McKinsey & Company), Jens Plath (Serviceplan), Peter Prislin (12snap), Bent Rosinski (Lukas Lindemann Rosinski), Florian Ruckert (RMS), Michael Samak (Saatchi & Saatchi), Matthias Schrader (SinnerSchrader), Oliver Schrott (Oliver Schrott Kommunikation), Frank Schübel (OWM), Joachim Schütz (OWM), Andreas Schwabe (Booming), Dr. Gerald Spitzer (Nestle), Uwe Storch (Ferrero), Manfred Tautscher (Sinus-Institut), Manfred Tubach (Fairpartners), Sebastian Vogt (G2 Germany), Ricardo-Jose Vybrial (Wunderman), Oliver Walter (Dialogfeld), Markus Werner (Brain), Markus Wieser (VCCP)